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Game Description:

Hello ECHO DELTA 34 - short: ED34 - A smart car capable of navigating on dangerous terrains. You are sent to planet ZETA3000 as part of Project Outreach.

Project Outreach is a space mission meant to prepare the small planet group that was found in 2333 to scatter humanity on until a new permanent solution is found.

Find the energy sources and activate them to power up the shield that makes it possible for humans to live on that planet!

Team Name 

Click & Bait Productions

Gameplay Instructions 

Throttle: W / R2 Backwards Throttle: S / L2 Steering / Air Roll: A,D / Left Stick Air Pitch: Up,Down / Left Stick Activate Tower or use Ability: E / Right Shoulder Ability Switch: Q / Left Shoulder Jump, Glide: Spacebar / Face Button Bottom


projectoutreach1.1.zip 267 MB


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(3 edits)

We have unfortunately found a bug in the game which makes it almost impossible to finish one of the 8 towers. So if you are inside the tunnel, stay on the side of the tunnel which is not near the lava and you might still make it.

We have already prepared a new version of the game that will be uploaded once the mega jam rating is done. The new version 1.2 will then fix this bug along with some others that sneaked their way into the submission build.