A downloadable game for Windows

A Click & Bait Productions Production

Nathan Grinzinger (fitzbuster)  
Johannes Lugstein (byteparrot)
Erik Thiele (EThiele)

Challenge up to four friends in this exciting top-down local multiplayer arena brawler. Uncover the items hidden in the snow and try to melt your opponents down to the core. Collect the snow to regain health. But be careful: once spring starts creeping in, your snowy exterior will start deteriorating quickly. And when your inner self gets revealed, there is only one thing left to do: attack quickly and try not to get hit!

Made in 5 days by Click & Bait Productions for the 2020 Spring UE4 Jam.

Everything you see in the game was made during the jam, including gameplay, UI, assets, animations, sounds, etc...

Gameplay Instructions: 

Item Overview:

If you don't already have them, you need to install the UE4 Prerequisites in order to play the game. 



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